Frequently Asked Questions

How are phone numbers assigned?
UTPB IRD maintains a coordinated numbering plan for all departments within the university as well as the official record of numbers assigned to individuals and department phones. Users are never permitted to pick a number that is outside of their number group. Requests for numbers within your number group will be honored only when deemed appropriate by IRD personnel.
Who provides phone service for student housing?
Southwestern Bell Telephone is the current provider of telephone service for residents of student housing.
Are calls to Midland toll free?
Yes and no. UTPB maintains several lines that are toll free to Midland. When a Midland call is placed, the PBX will route the call out one of the free lines if one is available. If all are busy, it is routed out long distance facilities. Regardless, of the routing, departments are not currently charged for Midland calls even though tolls may be incurred.
How do I access the Tex-An long distance network?
Tex-An is the state long distance network. Access to Tex-An facilities is transparent to all users. When a call appropriate for the Tex-An network is dialed, the call will be routed across the network when facilities are available.
Who do I contact to report phone problems?
All telecommunication problems should be reported to UTPB IRD at extension 2415. Problems should NOT be reported to Physical Plant as was done in the past.
Do I have to dial 552-xxxx to reach someone at CEED from the main campus or vice-versa?
No. The phones in both buildings are running off of the same PBX. Calling someone at CEED from the main campus or vice-versa is no different than calling someone within the same building.
I am trying to call a long distance number, but I keep getting a fast busy sound. What am I doing wrong?
If the middle digit of the area code is some number other than 1 or 0, you are probably not doing anything is probably a new area code that the PBX does not know how to route. IRD personnel try to catch all of the new area codes, but occasionally one will slip by. Notify IRD at extension 2415, and the problem will be taken care of as soon as possible. If you know what the old area code was, you can many times use it if the destination area is still within the "period of transition" from the old to the new area code.
I forgot my voice mail password. How do I get it reset?
Call IRD at extension 2415. Identify yourself and the mailbox you are trying to access to the person taking the call. A new password will be set and you will be notified of the change.
I unplugged my phone to move it around to the other side of my office and when I plugged it back in, it was dead. What happened?
If you have a digital Meridian phone, you overloaded the circuit while either unplugging or plugging it in. Leave the phone plugged in and call IRD at extension 2415. Identify the phone number of the phone in question and wait for someone to reactivate your phone.
Why won't you mount my phone and computer network cable within the metal walls of my office rather than placing them in surface mount conduit?
The National Electric Code specifically prohibits the installation of communication cable within the same raceway as electrical wiring.
There are not any electrical wires inside the wall I want my phone cable run through, can you run them within it now?
No. We cannot predict what changes may occur to the wiring scheme in the future. Someone may request an additional outlet on the wall next door to you and wires could be run in very close proximity to the communication cables at that time. In order to protect the life of the phone users, all communication cables will remain outside of metal walls.
After I report a problem, how long should it normally take before the problem is resolved?
Time to resolution depends upon many factors. All problem reports are processed in a first-in, first-out fashion except for dead phones which are given priority status. It is important to remember that there is normally only one person taking care of all aspects of the telecommunication system from installation to billing. Current work load will dictate resolution time.
How much time should be allowed before new service can be activated?
This depends upon the complexity of the new installation. Construction of facilities will take considerably longer than an installation on existing facilities. IRD should be notified as far in advance as possible of the request for new service or the moving of service to a new location. If we are notified 5 to 10 days in advance, then 99% of the time service will be ready to use on time.