Accessing your E-Mail from Off Campus


This information should help users retrieve e-mail from the UTPB mail server when using remote facilities.  The information assumes that the user’s mail client is Microsoft Outlook.


 All UTPB e-mail accounts are now accessible via WebMail from any Internet browser.  Simply go to:

Mail Forwarding

Mail sent to UTPB e-mail addresses can be easily forwarded to another mail service.  To forward your UTPB e-mail, simply go to , login in with your usual e-mail username/password, select "Options", then "Forwarding" and complete the required information.  Don’t forget to cancel the forwarding when you return to campus.

Configuring E-mail Clients

The software that runs on your laptop or desktop computer and allows you to retrieve your e-mail is referred to as your e-mail “client”.  The supported e-mail client for UTPB is Microsoft Outlook.  If you need to continue to use UTPB e-mail facilities from a remote location some configuration changes may be necessary in your e-mail client.  The following instructions apply to Microsoft Outlook.  Similar changes would be required in other e-mail clients.  Specific configuration changes in the e-mail client will depend on how Internet connectivity is obtained.  Follow the procedures below.

Start Microsoft Outlook

 From the top Outlook menu bar select <Tools> then <Accounts>

 In the Internet Accounts box click the Mail tab.

 Assuming an account already exists, highlight the account and, click the “Properties” button.

Internet Accounts

 Click each tab at the top of the properties box and enter the information as indicated below:

 Click the “General” tab and provide the following information:

Mail Account server name

This entry doesn’t really matter.  Put something that makes sense to you and that will help you identify the account.

User Information

Name: Use your real name.

Organization: Use The University of Texas of the Permian Basin

E-mail Address: Use your UTPB e-mail address.  Faculty/Staff e-mail addresses are usually of the form

Reply Address: Use the same address as above

  Internet Account Properties

  Click the “Servers” tab and provide the following information:

 Make sure that the first Server Information line says, “My incoming mailer server is a POP3 server.”

 Incoming mail (POP3) box must say

 The contents of the “Outgoing mail (SMTP)” box will depend on how the client PC connects to the Internet.  If the PC uses a UTPB dialup connection, put the same address in this box as is in the box above…

 If the PC uses some other provider for Internet connectivity, the address of the Internet Service Provider’s (ISPs) mail server should be placed in this space.  For example, the CableOne address would be

 In the Incoming Mail Server Account Name box enter your UTPB e-mail account username ONLY.  For example if your UTPB e-mail address were then you would enter doe_j in this blank.  Leave the off.

 Leave the Password field blank and be sure that the check is removed for all remaining boxes.

  Server Properties


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